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Flint knapping supplies are our specialty. We have been mining and grading stone commercially for 30 years, and supplying flintknapping tools and teaching aids. To go to our secure shopping site and view our products, click here...

Flint Knapping Kit

Student's Flint Knapping Kit - an inexpensive complete kit for students and hobbyists, with choices of a natural antler billet or 2 other types. Heated knapping stone included. More info...

Buffalo Jaw Knife

Buffalo Jaw Knife - a Plains Classic, many looks and sizes more...

Arrow Making for Scout Awards and decorator items is a fun activity that builds skills. See our full line of supplies, kits and instruction to help make your own arrows for Arrow of Light and Order of the Arrow, corporate award arrows, and more...

Flint knapping is a fast-growing hobby that can produce some beautiful work and hours of fun. Learn with our Instructional DVD more...

Educators and Schools - Native Way has supplied teaching projects for over 25 years and can tailor a selection for your needs. more info...

Which billets are best for flintknapping? full story...

Arkansas novaculite -- not all novaculite is created equal -- grading and mining information from the leaders in novaculite mining for flintknapping. more...

ARROWHEAD HUNTER'S PRIMER - learn strategies and cautions for an exciting hobby. full story...

Learn Ancient Skills

Not just an arrowhead site, the Native Way internet site is for people who are fascinated with ancient arrow, spear and dart points, flint knapping, primitive archery, stone knives and tools, and making, displaying and understanding these popular historical items. We are one of America's premier suppliers of flintknapping supplies and tools, having been in retail and wholesale business for over 30 years.

We sell points in stone, bone, bronze and steel for collectors who use, make and display such works. We also sell Native American style bows, arrows, lances, stone knives and blades, replica Indian artifacts of many types as well as obsidian, novaculite and tools for flintknappers.

At Native Way, we don't think an arrowhead, an arrow, a knife or a spear is finshed until it has been masterfully aged to appear authentically ancient. We use some of the same processes and chemicals Mother Nature uses to achieve this end, and our processes distinguish us and our products from most of our competition.

Tour the Native Way website, and learn about finding and making arrowheads, making and using primitive weapons, and enjoying the ancient past through hands-on projects in primitive technology.

novaculite mine

Novaculite Miners

Novaculite mining is dusty, hard work, and we have done it every other month or so for over 25 years. Novaculite occurs as beds of fine grained silica that is mostly trash, with occasional areas of stone that are flawless or nearly so up to around 20 inches. Overburden to remove is from 10 to 20 feet, using pneumatic rock drills and slow-burst explosives. The stone is then selected, spalled into large flat flakes with steel spalling hammers and carried to our shop. It gets heated to 750 to 800 degrees and is cleaned and graded.

Novaculite is an interesting stone to chip. It is weak when heated and so takes only a tap to remove large flakes. For this reason it is a perfect stone for learners. Novaculite comes in many colors from black to white to red to gray.

. fluted pointNative Americans used novaculite from the Hot Springs, Arkansas area to supply stone for the Poverty Point Culture around 1,000 BC, and traded it all over the central south.

Native points made from novaculite tend to be made of translucent stone and in the Lower Mississippi Valley are in the form of stemmed Gary points. Modern knappers dealing with the finest grades and heated material can produce artwork grade examples like the point at left.

Award Arrows

Award Arrows

Award arrows are probably one of the more interesting ways of commemorating an achievement. Long used by scouts for their Order of the Arrow and Arrow of Light presentations, many agencies and organizations present award arrows to students and trainees to symbolize a completed course of study, or to reward special prowess in sales or learning.

Our award arrows are made in the style of the Native Americans of the Great Plains, complete with hand carved shaft, barred or black turkey wing feathers, natural animal sinew, hand falked stone or handmade metal points, and pigments and stains made in the ancient ways. We have produced thousands of these fine pieces over the years, and each one of them is waxed and buffed to appear authentically ancient.

arrow fletching

If you plan on using award arrows for your group or organization, contact us with you special needs. You can make your own using our supplies and instructions or you can have us do the work. Stone points are authentic reminders of our Native American heritage, and the trade style metal points are still authentic -- but durable enough to take being dropped on pavement or a floor.


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