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novaculite block Gary PointOver three thousand years ago, areas of central Arkansas were being extensively mined for the nearly pure silica we call novaculite. Large quantities of stone were quarried for shipment to outlying areas, including many tons that would be floated down the Ouachita River into present-day Louisiana. From there, it was traded raw or finished throughout the Lower Mississippi Valley. The Poverty Point Culture of northeastern Louisiana was involved in this early novaculite trade as part of a vast exchange network in gem minerals and chippable stones. The most common use of novaculite at the time seems to have been to make the simple and efficient Gary style spear or dart point.

Our modern day novaculite mining effort yields a stone that varies from pure white to pure black and includes many shades of tan, brown, pink and purple. After breaking blocks into large quarry spalls just as the ancient miners did, we heat the material to 850 degrees Farenheit, then cool, clean and grade.

This process produces a stone that is very easy to chip but is not so brittle as obsidian or glass. It is an excellent stone for beginners or experts as it is available in large, consistent pieces.

Novaculite is microscopically porous, allowing it to accept many stains and dyes. Metallic nitrates, salts or carbohydrates in solution will penetrate this stone to great depths. Then, careful heating can yield dramatic color changes. Some users report good results with inks, wood stains, oils or waxes.

ARKANSAS NOVACULITE - Cleaned, heated spalls and preforms of novaculite, grade #1 3" to 6" mixed. Suitable for fine, thin arrow and spear points and knife blades, percussion or pressure flaking techniques.

#1 3"-6" mixed colors and sizes............$5.00/lb

Quarry Spalls 3"-6" white to off-white. These are spalls graded at the quarry, heated to high gloss, but with only minimal trimming and bifacing. This is the same basic material as our #1 grade mix.

Quarry Spalls, sold in 10 lb lots.....$35.00 (per 10 lbs).

Our novaculite is sold as a mix of sizes to offer the best color assortment and value per dollar. To see examples of our 3-6 inch mix, CLICK HERE. To see a closeup of the patterning of streaked opaque/translucent novaculite, CLICK HERE

If you must have a special size please specify. Material of greater than 6" is not always available and selecting one particular size may be more expensive than the standard mix.

DACITE-A highly knappable volcanic stone that is midway in knappability between novaculite and obsidian. Dacite is opaque to very slightly translucent, medium gray to black in color and is slightly grainier than glassy obsidian. It looks more like stone than obsidian. A consistent material available in good sizes.

#1 grade 3"-6" mixed spalls and preforms.......$4.00/lb

OBSIDIAN - Natural volcanic glass from the American West. Consistent but somewhat brittle, obsidian produces a chipped stone blade of scalpel sharpness. Colors are grey, black, mahogany, mixed lots only. May contain some dacite.

#1 grade 3"-6" mixed spalls and preforms.......$4.00/lb

Smaller spalls 2"to3" for arrowpoints...............$4.00/lb


ANTLER BILLETS - Batons made from the base of mule deer antlers, used to strike off flakes in flintknapping.

6 to 9 oz white, gray or brown..............$10.00/ea (1)

9 to 12 oz white, gray or brown...............$15.00/ea (1)

MOOSE ANTLER BILLETS - Batons made from the base of moose antlers, used to strike off flakes in flintknapping.

medium moose billet, finished..............$24.00/ea (1)

large moose billet, finished...............$40.00/ea (1)


ALUMINUM BILLETS - Lightweight, versatile and durable billets made from aluminum. Metal percussion billets behave differently from antler, are not historically correct, but may be easier for beginners.

Aluminum billets work well on heated novaculite and other easy-to-knap materials. Especially good for smaller knapping projects up to 4 inches. Click here for instructional information on using metal billets

6 1/2 inch by 1 inch, finished with domed tip..............$9.00/ea (1)

COPPER TIPPED PRESSURE FLAKERS - Pressure flakers are used to press off finishing flakes from small arrow points or in the retouch of larger points and blades.

6 in. wooden handle w/ copper tip.......$2.00/ea

GREEN SILICON CARBIDE GRINDING WHEELS - (for wet grinding @3600 rpm) 6in x 1in size only 80 grit

(soft bond wheel)faster cutting, shorter life.....$19.00/ea(2)

LEATHER KNEE PADS- medium stiff cowhide, approximately 10" square....................$2.50/ea.

SILICON CARBIDE HAND ABRADER - to strengthen the edge of core in pressure and percussion flaking. An essential step in flintknapping...................$5.00/ea (1)

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