Arrowheads were generally lost in a village or campsite or as a result of being shot during a hunt.

Arrowheads lost in the village will almost always be associated with waste rock, flakes, burned rocks from campfires, and possibly pieces of pottery. It is relatively easy to find village sites and often they are productive places to look for arrowheads. Although arrowheads can be found on the surface of plowed village sites, many of them will be damaged during chipping or rejects.

Arrowheads lost during a hunt could be anywhere. They may be found far out in a field, on top of an isolated ridge in the mountains, or mixed into the gravel in the bed of a creek or river. It is amazing how many miles one can walk through plowed fields and not find a single perfect lost arrowhead, but when one is found in an isolated setting it is often fine and whole.