Product inquiries

Evidently, many internet customers have misconfigured email addresses on their systems, making reply impossible. Please include telephone number with your inquiries, or some way to get in touch otherwise.

All of our supply products are listed in our on line catalog. Those interested in viewing a printed catalog are encouraged to print out the supply products listing.

Have questions about our products? For supply inquiries, you can Email us to submit your order from our on line catalog, or ask about specific products.

For finished goods inquiries, Email us and tell us which of our products you are interested in acquiring. Be specific. We will send you an availablity schedule for the requested items, and answer any questions. Wholesale gallery goods customers are invited to inquire about our rates to retailers. Please provide your business name and tax number.

If you wish to make a wholesale supply inquiry, you can email us and inquire about resale rates. We are in a position to take on a limited number of new wholesale supply customers each year. Be sure and mention your company name and marketing opportunities to be considered for a wholesale request. Only bona fide resale establishments are considered.

Telephone inquiries

You might notice that we have not included our telephone number anywhere in this on line catalog. In an effort to keep our prices as low as possible, we have elected to do business by mail order, or E mail. The only telephone option we offer is to place a secure online order at our secure shopping site and request telephone as the payment option.

We check our E mail frequently, and encourage our Internet customers to take advantage of this inexpensive and friendly (to everyone) medium.

How long does it take to recieve an order?

COD supply orders are generally shipped within 2 to 4 days. Special requests may take longer.

Hand-flaked stone items usually take a week to produce. There are some that are in stock but it is difficult for us to get ahead on the quality of item we like to send out.

Orders for finished goods will generally take from 4 to 6 weeks. We apologize for the delay but will try to please you with the quality of the items you receive. Some items are available on shorter notice and some items may be shipped immediately depending on our inventory at the moment.


To recieve a shipping costs quote you must send us your shipping address, or get one automatically by placing an order on the secure ordering site.

We ship all domestic orders UPS (rates) ground service unless otherwise requested. International shipments are generally made by United States Postal Service (rates) . International orders must be prepaid, including shipping charges.


Prepaid or COD only.

International orders prepaid only

Checks on US banks, MC, Visa, Paypal or money orders accepted . We are not liable for cash lost in the mail.

Shipping charges must be included with payment. We will Email your estimated shipping.

Return unaltered merchandise for full refund less shipping within ten (10) days of receipt of order.

Lot purchases must be returned as full lots for refund.


You should use our secure order site as this is the most foolproof method. It will give an immediate shipping quote, accept your credit card number securely, and will record your order in multiple copies. If you cannot or wish to not order online securely, then follow instructions below.

1) Email your order request, listing your address and merchandise desired, as well as your preference for prepaid or COD shipment.

2) We will return Email your order total amount and you must confirm for delivery if COD.

3) We will return Email your TOTAL AMOUNT TO REMIT if you prefer to prepay, and your order will be confirmed and delivered when we receive your prepayment.

4) Our postal address is:

P.O. Box 159
Washington, MS 39190

When we send your order total
you can use our secure payment service,
or use the other options
listed in your quote email:

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