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Knapped spear point, Archaic/Woodland style antiqued replica
Spear point antiqued Archaic/Woodland style

Archaic/Woodland Style Long Antiqued Replica Lance Blade

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The feel of this piece is incredible--I’ve kept it for a long time, but now it should find a new home. At 7 inches long, 1¾ inches wide, and just under ⅜ inch thick, it has the proportion and feel of an ancient point and is appropriately smooth and dirty. It’s too long and fine to fit into a typical named point style, as were many of the long ones.

Made of a “no-name” Texas translucent flint, with random and collateral flaking and pressure retouch, like most of our items it is “perfectly imperfect” and that is what give it a real feel.

This would make a great specimen by itself or could be mounted in a knife of lance.