Our bronze collectible line is all new, as in NOT artifacts, and several unique gift products are under development. We presently advertise only quantity lots of bronze collectibles. If you see a specific item that interests you, please inquire.


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The Chinese weren't particularly early with their mastery of bronze casting, but very quickly after beginning to cast they were capable of producing massive pieces weighing hundreds of pounds. Even after they began to use iron, they continued large scale production of some bronze items.

As a result of a long history of political and military problem solving, China is littered with arrow and crossbow bolt points and parts, many of them made partially or totally from bronze.

There has been much work documenting the ceremonial types of halberts, axes and knives, but much less on the wide variety of arrow points, some in fanciful shapes and with special functions.

Our Chinese bronze line is ever changing. These points are excellent, green patinated examples identical to the ancient originals, suitable for framing, collecting, display or resale. The best way to order is to email us for current lot availability information or purchase a sample lot.


Lithuanian Bronzes jpg The many peoples of Europe and the Middle East produced an impressive array of bronze tools, weapons and jewelry. The common practice of carving bronze molds from stone meant that the simplest items were available in wide variety because the phrase "he broke the mold" was an actual and frequent occurrence.

Our styles include axes, needles, garment pins, bracelets and weapons points. Email us for a current listing or purchase a sample lot.

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