These styles of bronze points are either in production or will be in the near future. Prices range from a few dollars to around $50 dollars for our bronze items depending on style and on the degree of antiquing sought.

Please feel free to inquire about individual styles by referring to their catalog number.

G prefix indicates Greek/Turkish styles

L prefix indicates Middle Eastern styles

CH prefix indicates Chinese styles

S prefix indicates socketed points

AX prefix indicates European axes

NL indicates European Needle styles

All of our bronze replicas are cast from a leaded tin bronze like that used in much of the ancient world.

Most of our models have been obtained from items bought in bazaars or shops of the areas they represent. Since these items were not obtained from a controlled archaeological dig there is no way to ascribe a certain date to them, but they represent styles common enough to be considered typical examples.

Due to the nature of ancient moldmaking, where the mold was frequently hand carved from stone, there is tremendous individual variation in ancient bronzes, particularly from Europe and the Middle East.

Chinese arrow points were often cast in iron molds, therefore show more standardization.

All of our bronze items are available either polished or antiqued.

Polished bronze points and blades, appearing exactly as they might have in ancient times, make outstanding display and conversation pieces. They mount well in frames or on replica weaponry.

Larger blades make a truly unique paper weight or letter opener.

Antiqued bronze points, which have been chemically altered to appear exactly like dug examples, are fabulous conversation pieces and gifts for the modern archer or history buff.

Please inquire as to your specific needs. Email inquiries click here

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