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The products offered in our supply list represent the best values and selections we have found in the 8 years we have been doing retail business. Most of them are used in the manufacture of our line of gallery goods, and so are proven performers.

Much of our product line consists of sticks, stones, animal parts, and various natural products that few people consider of any value. The value of these goods is in the grading, selection and handling of materials that are proven to work for the primitive technologies.

We have made hundreds of bows, thousands of arrows and many thousands of arrow and spear points. More than taxidermists, lumberjacks or shopkeeps, we are craftsmen who use the materials we sell.

We think everyone should enjoy the process of finding and working their own materials from nature, but when you want materials you can count on and can't afford to stop everything and roam the hills and fields, our years of experience and efficiency are reflected in our product lines and are available to you.


Many of our products are sold as mixes of colors or sizes. This is something we must do to keep the average quality high and the price as low as possible. Often, if we try to select the simplest of special requests we end up waiting for the next load, sorting through piles to find a single piece or simply putting your order on extended hold to fill the request. We work very hard to make our standard offerings a good value and hope that they will suit your needs.

You can feel free to ask, but the financial pressures of stopping to fill involved special requests have made us increasingly reluctant to vary from our described product line.


All of our supplies are legally obtained, but YOUR state or national government may have deciced that you cannot legally import some wild animal parts into your state or country. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to know the laws under which you must operate and YOUR reponsibility to only request legal transactions. Please help us all stay legal.


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