High Quality Lithics, Primitive & Traditional Craft Supplies, Gallery-style Weaponry Replicas & Unique Collectibles

Our Native Way Story

I have been fascinated with arrowheads since I was a boy. As a young man, I was introduced to flintknapping by an archeologist and taught myself to knap using D.C. Waldorf’s book The Art of Flint Knapping. Making my interests and hobbies into my profession, in the early 1980’s I partnered in Homochitto Replication & Supply, then continued on as the proprietor of Native Way.

Over the years we have been involved in mold making and casting plaster and metal reproductions of architectural items and design elements from the antebellum homes of Natchez, Mississippi. While mold work is rewarding, lithics, primitive technology, and Native American crafts have been my passion and grew into the company’s primary focus.

For decades we mined novaculite in Arkansas, flint and chert in Texas, and sourced and sold Osage orange bowstaves, arrow shafts, and a variety of flintknapping tools to hobbyists, park services, and educators. Additionally, our finished weaponry line of Native American style bows, arrows, knives, war hawks, lances, and other items have been featured in galleries, showcased in museums, and enjoyed by collectors--both nationally and internationally.

Today Native Way continues to offer a select line of flintknapping and traditional craft supplies, a broad array of professionally knapped stone points and blades, replicas in bronze and bone, and historic weaponry replicas. For bulk stone and a large selection of all things flintknapping and replication supply, check out our associate's site GoKnapping.com.

As I have done for most of my professional career, I do my best to align my work with my interests. We are excited to introduce new lines of specialty items that reflect my evolving passions, including beads in glass and stone, and rock tumbling material, both raw and polished.

That portion of ancient objects that typically stands the ravages of time--the stone, bone, metal, and glass--has long intrigued me and with our offerings at Native Way, both old and new, we hope to inspire you as well.