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Historic Weaponry Replicas

Specializing in crafting museum-quality weaponry replicas of prehistoric and early historic times, we use many of the same materials and techniques employed by native peoples. Our gallery line includes Native American style bows and arrows, stone bladed knives, stone tomahawks, and metal-bladed lances. Our pieces are designed to be fantasy items. One can hold a Native Way replica in hand and marvel at the vision of ancient life it calls up.

We start with materials as authentic as is practical. The stone components of our pieces are professionally knapped in-house. Special attention is paid to line and form to make the item a graceful rendering of the style of tool or weapon. Application of sinew, pigments and engraving is done in such a way as to accentuate the uniqueness of the medium without being crude or obtrusive. "Primitive" does not mean "crude" when it comes to the ancient traditions.

Unlike many weapon replicators, we take great pains in the treatment of the surface layer of our work and most frequently patinate and antique our products. When construction is finished, the piece is lightly abused with chemicals or specialized abrasion. The final layer of antiquing is applied to mimic the look an original object would have developed over time. It is this patination that distinguishes our products from the vast majority of commercially available replicas. Our weaponry replicas unusually ship within 2 weeks, but may require up to 4 weeks to fulfill.