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Stone blade with antler handle knife kit, glue, rawhide strip, label & instructions
Flint blade with antler handle knife kit, rawhide strip, glue, instructions, label
Antler handle, stone blade, glue, rawhide strip, instructions, label

Stone Blade Knife Kit with Antler Handle

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Use the Stone Blade Knife with Antler Handle Kit to create a one-of-a-kind stone-bladed knife. Blade color varies in shades of off-white, gray, and brown. Total blade length approx. 3 to 4 inches. Professionally-knapped blade made in USA using percussion and pressure flaking techniques--no import knock-offs here! Handles are naturally weathered and cracked white to off-white antler. This kit produces a collector-grade stone knife that can actually be used.

This is NOT your ordinary stone knife kit! The antler handles are naturally cracked from weathering but are the type a Native American would use for full utility. Our instructions suggest surface treatment and waxing the project to make a museum quality reproduction. 

Kit includes:

  • Finished 3-4 inch stone blade
  • Rough-sanded weathered antler handle stock
  • Rawhide hafting material
  • Natural granular hide glue
  • Instructions for gluing, hafting, and finishing project
  • Sold individually in sealed poly bag

Project is a good introduction to the basics of using hide glue and hafting materials. Instructions detail several ways this kit can be assembled to look new or old, methods for modifying the handle and blade, and other assembly and finishing tips. No two kits exactly alike!