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group of high-gloss black obsidian tumbled stones
Assorted black obsidian gem-grade tumbled stones
close-up of black obsidian tumbled stones with ruler

Gem-grade Black Obsidian Tumbled Stones

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  • Stones approx. 1 inch to over 2 inches long
  • 1/4 pound (4 oz.) lot averages 8 pieces
  • Photo is representative of stones available. 

While Black Obsidian is commonly used for flintknapping, this volcanic glass produces beautiful tumbled stones as well. Most stones are opaque jet black with a high-gloss shine. Occasionally stones will have slight banding and a gradient color effect or transparent areas along on the edges. Long, slender slivers seem to defy physics as unlikely survivors of the tumbling process. 

Some believe this stone to have metaphysical properties. Practitioners regard this powerful grounding stone for its protection, cleansing and growth stimulating attributes. 

Hand-selected obsidian tumbling rough is rolled to a high-gloss polish with smoothed edges and few imperfections--making for a much safer stone to carry or hold while meditating compared to the scalpel-sharp raw material. Use this gem-grade stone in wire-wrapped jewelry and other creative applications.