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4 Bodkin Metal Arrow Points
Alt. side of 4 Bodkin Metal Arrow Points
Socketed end of Bodkin Metal Arrow Point

Bodkin Metal Arrow Point

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The Bodkin Metal Arrow Point is the classic armor-piercing European point designed to penetrate chain mail. Great for Medieval, Renaissance, SCA or other historic reenactment. Socketed for easy glue attachment to arrow shafts. Made in Pakistan. Select individual point or quantity discount for dozen in drop-down menu.
  • 1 ⅝ inches L x 7⁄16 inch W; cutting surface, ⅜ inch
  • Fits ⅜-inch shaft—this is a bulky, heavy point for larger shafts. Use ⅜-inch shaft or greater
  • Durable cast steel construction, socketed
  • $4.00 each or $40.00 per dozen for quantity discount