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Copper-tipped Pressure Flaker flintknapping tool
3 wood-handled pressure flaker flint knapping tools
3 copper-tipped pressure flaker tools

Copper-tipped Pressure Flaker

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Copper-tipped Pressure Flakers are used to press off finishing flakes from small arrow points and blades, make notches, and retouch larger points and blades.

You CANNOT use copper-tipped pressure flakers for percussion flaking or for the removal of large thinning flakes; a billet is the correct tool for reducing and thinning tasks. Pressure flaking is a retouch and sharpening technique used for small arrow points and larger blades, after percussion flaking.

This tool can be used for both pressure flaking and as a punch in indirect percussion. Copper tip should be resharpened by hammering tip when tip becomes too blunted. The pressure flaker should be replaced when copper tip becomes too short. Sharpening instruction reminder stamped on the handle: “Hammer Tip to Resharpen”.

  • 6 x ¾ inch hardwood handle
  • ½ inch 4 gauge copper rod, epoxied into handle, sharpened at the tip
  • Weighs approx. 1oz.
  • Sold individually