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Costa Rica stone triangle bead side view
Blue-green & black Costa Rica stone triangle bead on ivory cord
Front view of 3 sided triangle bead
Back view of Costa Rican blue-green & black bead

Costa Rica Serpentinite Triangle Bead Pendant

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Costa Rican Serpentinite Triangle Bead Pendant--Volcanic activity in Costa Rica has “cooked” ancient ocean bottom yielding unique green stones which can be sourced at various locations within the country. Choice material has been hand-selected, cut, drilled, and polished.

Bead crafting was a tradition in Costa Rica where ancient craftsmen made jade and greenstone beads as a store of wealth and adornment for beauty and status. This bead is inspired by their legacy.

  • 1 7⁄16 inches x ⅝ inches
  • Strung on 18-inch ivory braided cord with lobster clasp