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Drake Bay Jade greenstone tube bead
Drake Bay tube bead on brown leather cord
Central American style bead replica
Greenstone Drake Bay tube bead

Costa Rican Greenstone Tube Bead Necklace

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Sourced from Drake Bay along the south Pacific coast of Costa Rica, this hard, dark greenstone is sometimes referred to as Drake Bay Jade.

Ancient Costa Ricans’ skillful work in imported jade and local greenstone is showcased in the Jade Museum (Museo del Jade) in the nation’s capital, San Jose. This modern, hand-cut tube bead is drilled with a hole large enough to accommodate most cords. Minor imperfections and quartz-injected healed cracks are not defects, rather mimic the “old” look of the authentic beads displayed in the museum.

Delicate enough to be worn by anyone as a focal bead or in a grouping, this tube bead comes on a leather cord that adjusts from choker to necklace length up to approximately 24 inches.

  • 1¼ inch long x just under ½ inch diameter 
  • Strung on 14-24 inch brown leather cord with  adjustable slip-knot