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Costa Rican Jungle Tadpole glass bead
Yellow glass bead with black tadpole-like dots standing on end
Black tadpole dots on yellow core glass cylinder bead
Tadpole glass yellow & black bead

Costa Rican Jungle Tadpoles Lampwork Glass Bead

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Jungle Tadpoles bead begins with a core of opaque yellow Venetian glass with tadpole-like black spots suspended in clear glass. Ends are hand cut and polished with diamond abrasives. One of our line of beads inspired by the jungles of Costa Rica, this bead is a whimsical example of the beauty & versatility of glass.
  • ⅞ inch x ⅝ inch diameter
  • Select bead-only or adjustable slipknot 25” brown leather cord option in drop-down menu