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5 Costa Rican green stone ball bead replicas
Feature bead 1 green ball bead
Bead 2 yellow & green ball bead with large hole
Bead 3 Costa Rican greenstone ball bead
Bead 4 yellow, light aqua blue & brown round bead
Blue, black, ivory, & brown mottled ball bead

Costa Rican Style Large Hole Ball Beads

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Ball beads made of select Costa Rican greenstone, either a mix of green quartz minerals or green serpentine minerals. Ancient craftsmen made jade and greenstone beads and carvings in Costa Rica as a store of wealth and adornment for beauty and status. These beads are crafted to mimic historic originals with a polish like that of an artifact bead.

Perfect as a focal bead strung alone or with accent beads in a group, these beads are a little over ¾ inches in diameter and a little over ½ inch in thickness featuring large, drilled holes easily strung on a cord or chain. They are crafted to be perfectly imperfect with a handmade look—because they are.

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  • Beads sold individually
  • Measurements are approximate