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5 tube beads cut from Costa Rican stone
Bead 1 blue-green long cylinder tube bead
Bead 2 maroon & white stone tube bead
Bead 3 robin's egg blue with fleck of black short tube bead
Bead 4 shades of green mottled with ivory Costa Rican style stone tube bead
Bead 5 maroon & white long tube bead
Bead 6 shade of light green mottled with ivory medium tube bead

Costa Rican Style Large Hole Tube Beads

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Classic Tube Beads made of Costa Rican greenstone and other native gemstones. Volcanic activity in Costa Rica has “cooked” ancient ocean bottom yielding these unique stones, which have been hand-selected, cut, drilled, and polished. These modern beads mimic authentic ancient beads of Costa Rica where craftsmen made jade and greenstone beads as a store of wealth and adornment for beauty and status. 

Beads are from ¾ to 1¼ inches long and ½ inch in diameter with large 3mm drilled holes to accommodate a cord or chain. Each bead is one-of-a-kind.

  • Select bead's number from photo in drop-down menu
  • Choose bead-only or adjustable slip-knot 25” brown leather cord option
  • Beads sold individually
  • Measurements are approximate