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Group of dacite rock tumbling rough material spalls
Dacite rock tumbling rough material with examples of polished tumbled dacite

Dacite Tumbling Rough, per lb.

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The best specially selected Dacite Tumbling Rough for tumbling and small cabbing. Dacite is a naturally slow-cooled variety of obsidian. It is a natural volcanic glass, with a very consistent battleship gray color and tumbles to an almost nonmetallic hematite look. Dacite is less glassy, grainier, and more opaque as compared to black obsidian.

  • Mixed sizes--includes pieces up to 3 inches for tumbling & small cabbing
  • Sold by the pound

Specifically selected during the processing tons of dacite for flintknapping for the best size and shape product for tumbling. Not a mechanically crushed stone, these pieces are hand broken from dacite blocks with copper tools and cleaned to reduce cracks.

Dacite polishes well with rotary tumblers, vibrating tumblers, or by using a combination of both. Like all stones, rotary in stage 1 removes stone much faster.