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Bowl of Dull Yellow Ochre Pigment powder
Powdered yellow ochre in bowl
Packaged yellow ochre with instructions with bowl of pigment

Dull Yellow Ochre Pigment 1 oz.

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A dull yellow-brown, finely-powdered pigment for background staining and antiquing. Mix with water as a base for a natural yellow-brown overall staining on arrow shafts, bows, and other primitive craft projects. Mix with paste wax for antiquing. We use this color as a base for every Plains Style Arrow we produce and mix into our shop pot of hide glue. For a more pronounced yellow color, use our Bright Yellow Ochre Pigment

  • 1 oz. sealed poly bag, double bagged

Use safely:  Not for human cosmetic use. Not for food use. Store in a cool dry place. Do not eat, drink, or smoke while using product. Wash hands after use. Do not inhale or ingest powdered pigment.