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4 English flint nodules with white cortex
reverse of 4 English flint nodules
Close-up of flint nodule showing natural flint
English Flint Nodule Specimens with Cortex -- Medium
English flint nodule in hand at collection site

English Flint Nodule Specimens with Cortex -- Medium

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English Flint Nodule Specimens hand collected from the base of white cliffs of Southern England. The South of England’s coastline features "shingle" beaches which are made of accumulations of rounded, black Cretaceous flint that occurs as horizontal layers in the chalk cliffs. After flint nodules drop into the sea from the eroding cliffs, they are beaten into the material that forms these beaches. These specimens with distinctive white cortex are example of the nodules as they first enter the water. 
  • Sold individually 
  • Approx. 5½ to 6½ inches long
  • 10 to 12 ounce range
  • Natural, irregular shapes
  • Select specimen by letter or full lot in drop-down menu 
Our specimens are selected to show the characteristics of natural English flint. Most have a flake removed so the interior black flint is visible. This variety of flint was extensively used as knapping stone, for building materials, and later for gunflint material. This lot has been selected for use as a specimen as-is or use for flintknapping--great for educators, collectors, & knappers!