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6 preforms of flint knapping stone
6 flintknapping stone preforms

Texas Flint & Heated Novaculite Preform Lot

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  • 19.75 inches total
  • 6 pieces: 5 Texas flint, 1 heated Arkansas novaculite--black & white
  • Average 1:4 thickness to width ratio

Percussion-flaked preforms in Texas flint & heated Arkansas novaculite. Most are approx. 1:4 thickness to width ratio, some much better. If you haven’t quite mastered percussion flaking or just want to get ahead in the process, preforms may be the right product for you. Some examples require more percussion strikes than others, but all are on the way to being finished items--many pieces are only a strike or two away from pressure flaking, applying notches, and finishing the base.

This mixed lot is mostly flint with 1 heated Arkansas novaculite preform; black & white item is novaculite. Save the weight compared to by-the-pound stone purchase for this high-quality knapping stone. Photo is of the actual lot that is available.