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Group of mahogany obsidian rough tumbling material with ruler

Mahogany Obsidian Tumbling Rough, per lb.

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Premium quality Mahogany Obsidian Tumbling Rough Material is a volcanic glass commonly used by flintknappers that also polishes nicely. Our mahogany obsidian tumbling rough is hand spalled and hand cleaned to be the highest grade of crack-free material in easily tumbled shapes. This is not machine-crushed or randomly broken material you commonly see offered for tumbling. Each piece has been carefully tapped and graded to ultimately produce a premium mahogany obsidian tumbled stone.

  • A mix of tumbling & small cabbing material sold by the pound
  • Sizes up to 3 inches

Mahogany obsidian polishes well using rotary or vibrating tumblers or a combination of the two. Like all rocks, a rotary step one rounds materials better. As with other glasslike stones, a final stage of cerium oxide produces a great polish.