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Mississippi Red Jasper Focal Bead
Mississippi Red Jasper Focal Bead

Mississippi Red Jasper Focal Bead

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Sourced from streams in Franklin County, MS, the handmade Mississippi Red Jasper Focal Bead is rough cut and polished, with oversized hole, in the style Native Americans made thousands of years before Christ, without the use of electric wheels & buffs. 

The origin of the Banded Iron Formation is about the coolest geology story in Mississippi. Ocean bottom sediments were created at a time when cyanobacteria were helping to oxygenate our atmosphere. This oxygen would allow the Earth to eventually sustain animal life (a pretty big deal) and left behind layers of jasper and hematite. Formed about 2 billion years ago in Michigan or Minnesota, then pushed south by glaciers, this material finally rolled the rest of the way in the ancestral Mississippi River system.

  • ¾ inch x 7⁄16 inch
  • Strung on sand color slip-knot adjustable cord