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Group of 9 tumbled multi-colored novaculite stones
Lot A, 3 tumbled novaculite stones
Lot A with ruler
Lot B of novaculite tumbled stones
Lot B with ruler
Lot C of 3 grey novaculite tumbled stones
Lot C with ruler

Novaculite Tumbled Stone

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Novaculite has been used for flintknapping for centuries and as a whetstone for hand stones and industrial applications. Some believe this stone to have metaphysical properties as well. Novaculite is silica deposited as the shells of microorganisms over 300,000,000 years ago, then consolidated to a microcrystalline rock. Impurities make the color variations. All grades are far harder than steel.

Novaculite flakes to a razor sharp edge; the Latin novacula means razor or dagger. So not surprisingly, metaphysicians say the stone may help one severe ties from the past or make a clean cut from bad habits and attract new opportunities. Carry this stone in your pocket and enjoy the smooth surface or hold it during meditation.

Sourced near Magnet Cove, Arkansas, this tumbled, smooth, polished version is very different than raw novaculite. Flint knappers might be amazed at how the stone polishes.