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2 Comanche Style Flatbows & 2 Plains Style Arrows
Close-up of Plains Style Arrow barred turkey feather fletching with sinew hafting
Close-up of stone points of Plains Style Arrows
Close-up of Plains Style Arrows fletching

Plains Style Arrow

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When most of us think of North American Indians we think of bows and arrows. The hunters and warriors of the Great Plains were excellent archers. 

Our Plains Indian style arrows are constructed with hand-carved Port Orford cedar shafts, lashed and fletched with natural animal sinew, and reinforced with animal hide glue. Our stone-tipped arrows feature high-quality points knapped in house. These arrows are painted with natural stains and ochres and are antiqued to look OLD.

  • Approximately 26 inches long, with blue and/or red crestmarks under feather fletching with hand-knapped stone points.

Perfect for wall mounting, singly or in crossed pairs, and attractive framed, or displayed as companions to a full set of Plains archery gear. Our Plains Style Arrows are consistently the finest decorator, collectible and award arrows we have seen. Note: these are decorator arrows, not to be used for sport archery.

If you would like some variation, need QUANTITIES of these arrows for awards for your group, den, or pack, or care to hear our ideas about using our products for your awards,  please email us at info@nativewayonline.com to inquire.

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