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Socketed Steel Lance Head
Socketed Steel Lance Head

Socketed Steel Lance Head

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The Socketed Steel Lance Head made of stainless tool steel is a modern version of  lance heads used in Asia, Africa, and Europe for hundreds of years against everything from lions to boars, deer,  bears, or human aggressors. 

Made for attachment to a 1½ inch diameter lance shaft; this lance head is durable, sleek, and well-made. Pointed tip, edges somewhat sharpened, but can be sharpened further to knife edge. Handmade to our specifications in Pakistan. Great conversation or display piece. Also appropriate for medieval or renaissance-style weaponry replica for reenactments.

Though this lance head is very durable, lance heads can't be thrown wildly into rocks, tree trunks and other bulky stationary objects without breaking eventually. A lance is ideally a thrusting, stabbing tool as opposed to a throwing spear. Note that this item is NOT A TOY, but potentially as dangerous as the original weapon it replicates. However when we first tested these products they were thrown at 3/4 inch plywood, penetrated and did fine.

  • 14 inches overall L x 1¾ inches W, approximately
  • Sold individually