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Socketed Steel Lance Head
Socketed Steel Lance Head

Socketed Steel Lance Head

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The Socketed Steel Lance Head made of stainless tool steel is a modern version of  lance heads used in Asia, Africa, and Europe for hundreds of years against everything from lions to boars, deer,  bears, or human aggressors. 

Made for attachment to your 1½ inch diameter lance shaft; this lance head is durable, sleek, and well-made. Pointed tip, edges somewhat sharpened, but can be sharpened further to knife edge. Handmade to our specifications in Pakistan. Great conversation or display piece. Also appropriate for medieval or renaissance-style weaponry replica for reenactments.

Though this lance head is very durable, lance heads can't be thrown wildly into rocks, tree trunks and other bulky stationary objects without breaking eventually. A lance is ideally a thrusting, stabbing tool as opposed to a throwing spear. Note that this item is NOT A TOY, but potentially as dangerous as the original weapon it replicates. However when we first tested these products they were thrown at 3/4 inch plywood, penetrated and did fine.

  • 14 inches overall L x 1¾ inches W, approximately
  • Sold individually