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Stone Blade Knife with Antler Handle, stained handle, etching & red paint detail, antiqued patina
Finished knife with novaculite stone blade & decorated antler handle
Stone bladed knife with decorated antler handle

Stone Blade Knife with Antler Handle

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Stone Blade Knife with Antler Handle features a 4 to 5+ inch knapped flint, chert, or novaculite stone blade, deer antler handle with decorative etching or engraving, and natural gut or rawhide hafting. Most have encrustations of pebbles still lodged in the recesses of the handle mimicking pitch or asphaltum. Antiqued to look as if they were picked up from the floor of a cave, then handled to create a mellow polish over time. These are exquisite gallery-grade knives.

Knives are tools that have evolved with humans through the ages--the stone blade being replaced with bronze, then steel. Though peoples that relied on stone tools need not go to the trouble of hafting a knife--a fresh stone flake is razor sharp and easy to replace--our stone-bladed knives are designed to be reminders of how well an ancient stone knife could be constructed.

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