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Thin finely flaked flint knife blades in three sizes
Group of Texas flint or chert knapped knife blades

Stone Knife Blades - Flint or Chert

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Our fine Texas Flint Stone Knife Blades are off-white, tan, to gray color, well-flaked with a good width to thickness ratio, and offered in 3 sizes. Standard knife shape, with tang for hafting, ready to mount in wood, bone, or antler handles to produce fine collector's knives. No cheap imports here!  Knapped from natural flint nodules, in USA using percussion and pressure flaking.   

  • Small--up to 4 inches  $16.00 each
  • Medium--over 4 inches to 5 inches  $21.00 each
  • Large--over 5 inches to 6 inches  $26.00 each

Measurements are approximate total blade length including tang. These blades are a great deal with very fine flaking. Use drop-down menu to select size. Sold individually.