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Stone Knife Blades - Keokuk Chert
Stone Knife Blades - Keokuk Chert

Stone Knife Blades - Keokuk Chert

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Our Keokuk Chert Stone Knife Blades are knapped to a standard knife shape with tang for hafting in creamy peachy-pink color with darker orange/red mottling. Ready to mount in wood, bone, or antler handles to produce fine collector's knives. No cheap imports here! Professionally knapped in the USA using percussion and pressure flaking.   

  • Small--up to 4 inches  $16.00 each
  • Medium--over 4 inches to 5 inches  $21.00 each
  • Large--over 5 inches to 6 inches  $26.00 each

NOTE: Our Keokuk chert has a coarser texture than the Texas flints we use.  While the Keokuk blades may be a little thicker and not as finely flaked as our flint, they make unique, authentic looking knives.

Measurements are approximate total blade length including tang. Use drop-down menu to select size. Sold individually.