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knapped Keokuk chert stone tomahawk heads
group of knapped Keokuk chert tomahawk blades

Stone Tomahawk Blade - Keokuk Chert

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Stone Tomahawk Blades are finished, professionally knapped hawk heads in Keokuk chert; colors are creamy peachy-pink with darker orange/red mottling. You can change the color of these blades using antiquing techniques or mount them in handle stock as-is.

Blades offered in natural finish in standard hawk shape. Mount in wooden handle to produce a fine replica stone axe or tomahawk. Sold individually. Use drop-down menu to select size.

  • Standard: approx. 5 x 1½ to 2 inches
  • Large: approx. 6 x 3 inches

NOTE: Our Keokuk chert has a coarser texture compared to other stone we use.  While the Keokuk blades may be a little thicker and not as finely flaked as blades in other materials, they make unique, authentic looking replicas.