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6 knapped black obsidian & mahogany obsidian knife blades
3 black obsidian knife blades, 1 mahogany obsidian knife blades
Black obsidian knapped blade with deep flaking in hand

Straight Stone Knife, Spear, Lance Blades - Black & Mahogany Obsidian

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Straight Stone Knife, Spear, Lance Blades are common in Native American use as a knife blade, spear point, or lance blade. These are hand-flaked stone knife blades in obsidian, a volcanic glass; some blades are narrow and sleek while others are a little wider. Ready to mount in knife handle stock or lance shaft. Professionally knapped by hand in the USA. These are fine blades that look native chipped. Some blades will have finished bases, while others may not as a product at this price point. For finished Paleo-style points check our our Stone Points collection.

  • Large--4 to 5 inches $20.00 each
  • Extra Large--over 5 inches to 6 inches $27.00 each

Measurements are approximate total blade length. Materials are glossy black obsidian, possibly with silver sheen or an occasional thin vein of opaque black; glossy mahogany obsidian with brick-red to brown & black mottling. Use drop-down menu to choose black or mahogany material and blade size.