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6 knapped black obsidian & mahogany obsidian knife blades
3 black obsidian knife blades, 1 mahogany obsidian knife blades
Black obsidian knapped blade with deep flaking in hand

Straight Stone Knife, Spear, Lance Blades - Black & Mahogany Obsidian

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Straight Stone Knife, Spear, Lance Blades are common in Native American use as a knife blade, spear point, or lance blade. These are hand-flaked stone knife blades in obsidian or volcanic glass; some blades are narrow and sleek while others are a little wider. Ready to mount in knife handle stock or lance shaft. Professionally knapped by hand in the USA. These are fine blades that look native chipped.
  • Large--over 3½ inches, up to 5 inches $18.00 each
  • Extra Large--over 5 inches, up to 6 inches $26.00 each

Measurements are approximate total blade length. Use drop-down menu to choose black or mahogany material and blade size.