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2 socketed steel lance heads
steel lance blades with minor defects
close-up of defects on 4 socketed steel lance heads
4 #2 grade socketed steel lance heads, close-up

Socketed Steel Lance Head, # 2 Grade

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Our Socketed Steel Lance Head at a reduced price for #2 grade. These hand-made lance heads have defects such as imperfect welds, pitting, and scratches.

Made for attachment to a 1½ inch diameter lance shaft. Pointed tip, edges somewhat sharpened, but can be sharpened further to knife edge. Handmade in Pakistan. Great conversation or display piece. 

  • 14 inches overall L x 1¾ inches W, approximately
  • Stainless tool steel
  • Sold individually
Note:  this item is NOT A TOY, but potentially as dangerous as the original weapon it replicates.